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Beginning to Intermediate Piano Instruction For Busy People

Navigating Life with Music
Do you want music to be part of your life? Perhaps you studied as a child then quit. Or maybe you never got a chance at all and now is the time. Join Compass and learn piano in the safe and comfortable environment of your own home. 

The photo above was taken in September 2021. I was visiting my Uncle Shaun in Kansas and to my surprise found out that he played piano as a child. I had my keyboard in my car (musician thing – travel with piano) so I ran to get it. He and I spent a happy hour exploring the piano. Uncle Shaun passed away about two weeks later. I miss him and feel blessed to have this last precious memory of him. 


Busy people need flexibility! Access to my online video library means you can study any time, day or night. Slivers of time can be put to good use. Some videos don't even need a piano, such as note reading practice, music theory, and listening. All videos are a maximum of three minutes.


Select the program you want! Compass starts at only $20/mo. The monthly course tuition can be started or canceled at any point. You can also switch from one level to another.


Learn in the comfort of your own home or anywhere there is a piano. You can even pack a small keyboard and study while traveling or on lunch break. An internet signal means you can access Compass.


Hi Barb! I have enjoyed so far your instruction videos. They have helped me understand the pages that I had started on my own before I actually enrolled. I haven’t been able to spend the time that I have wanted to with practice however I am determined to continue and just do what I can. So I do appreciate the program you have started for adults with so much to do! I know with life some times are busier than others so I will hang in there! Thanks. Diane

Music Mentor

Barb Walters

I can’t wait to help you find joy in expressing your musicality!