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I am at an exciting stage of life: I am at the intersection of experience + energy! I have been a working musician and educator for forty-eight years. Let me put that to work for you! With a music degree in violin and education from The University of Michigan, I have performed in a variety of professional orchestras in Michigan, Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Indiana. Throughout my moves, one thing has always been consistent: I have taught violin, viola, cello, and piano lessons. Every student is unique and I have learned to embrace each student’s particular musical interests and needs. I have taught students with a myriad of different personal goals and challenges. I take students where they are and help them along their musical journeys. I encourage and listen to students.

My Passion

I love to teach adults who either did not get to study music as a child or who studied, quit, and regret it. In my new Compass program, I want to offer adults the time and flexibility to pursue music. My #1 goal in teaching is to support my students in their humanity and vulnerability. Music fills many roles in life – not everyone sets out to be a world-class soloist. If your goal is to play soothing music to help you in the stresses of life, I’m here for you. If you want to learn to play a particular piece of music, Compass will give you skills to pursue that goal. 

You know that quote? “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass – it’s about learning to dance in the rain!” Let me help you nurture that music within you to dance in the sun, the rain, and everywhere! 


I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Shangri-La of my youth and early adulthood. I suppose life wasn’t perfect, but I love Ann Arbor and everything it has to offer. I always knew I would go to University of Michigan. As a third-generation Michigan graduate, I appreciate the high quality of education I got to prepare me for a music life. My plan was to be a public school music teacher. But I never did it. 

I moved to Massachusetts a couple years after graduation and didn’t get a public school job.  Instead, I did what I knew: I continued to teach private lessons in my studio. This has always suited me perfectly. I love the long-term relationships I develop with students and it is gratifying to see students learn and thrive!

A bio wouldn’t be a bio without some quirky factoids. Here goes: I ride a recumbent bicycle and I LOVE it! Definitely one of my favorite things to do. Plus, a recumbent doesn’t put undue stress on my hands which is important for a musician. I have Scottish heritage (my mother’s maiden name was Dalrymple). I had great fun competing in the Scottish Games for four years (until the pandemic shut us down). To my surprise, my favorite event is tossing the caber. My goal for four years was to flip a 50 lb, 8 ft long log so that it landed at 12 o-clock. And I did it! 

Travel is important to me whether it is traveling the globe or cruising along the journey of life. As of July 2022, I have visited all fifty states. I traveled over 8000 miles in the summer of 2022, most of it by myself. I get asked what the highlight of my trip was. I had to think about that but now I know: The highlight was driving along the highways and byways of the USA being in awe of the stunning beauty and diversity before me. I was never bored and I enjoyed every bit of scenery. 

My husband and I have seven grown children and ten grandchildren. Our oldest son attended all public schools and I homeschooled the other six for twenty-five years, until the youngest graduated from high school. Homeschooling has definitely shaped me and helped me think deeply about education. What should we learn and why? Who is in charge – the learner or the teacher – and can there be a balance? What should we study in order to lead a successful life – and how do we define success? These questions have been in my life for many years. Education is a journey with surprises and discoveries for a lifetime.