Fun + Business

What do you want out of life? Do you want to travel the open road? Create multiple streams of income? Do you want financial freedom (and what does that mean)? Whatever your goals are – and maybe you haven’t even clarified your goals yet – you will find these businesses helpful in supporting your dreams! You can trust these businesses because they are run by my family members and closest friends. 

The Dalrymple

Hampton, Virginia

This gorgeous 1928 home features all hardwood floors, three fireplaces, tons of space to relax, and peaceful, brick-walled gardens & grounds. Book it on Airbnb!

Welsh Dragon room, Irish Shamrock room, English Rose room.

JDW Voiceovers

For all your professional needs. Contact JDW Voiceovers  for quote. 

Fun & Relaxing!

See that pretty Subaru Forester behind me? I took a solo 1500+ mile road trip to Kansas in September. It was totally awesome! I deliberately did not plan out every minute of my trip, not even where I would sleep. I had unexpected blessings! And I slept in my car for two nights – once in a residential neighborhood and once in a Walmart parking lot – unbelieveable! But I prepared for it and felt perfectly safe, free, and relaxed. Do you want to travel? Ask me for tips!

Creating multiple streams of income is important to me. If you lost your primary job, would you be able to survive? My husband has faced unemployment more than once in his life. My music business has supported us because I am self-employed. I don’t lose my own job. 

My oldest son Jacob works in mortgage underwriting. However, it’s not quite enough to make ends meet. He has used his home for AirBnb and been appreciative of the added income. He is also developing a voiceover business after being hired by CarMax to create all their training videos.

What are your skills? Do you want to develop a sideline that could serve as a lifeline if your main jobs ends, for whatever reason?